March for Music Therapy: Support Request Letter

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To Whom It May Concern,

We are the Music Therapy Students Association (MTSA) from Wilfrid Laurier University and are writing this letter as part of the awareness campaign for March as Music Therapy Awareness Month.  Music Therapy is the skillful and creative use of music to improve health, well-being and quality of life.  We are also requesting support for the work of Music Therapy and the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, a national charity that prioritizes building healthy communities and supports the work of accredited music therapists to help people of all ages and abilities reach their fullest potential through music.

On Sunday March 30, a group of Music Therapy supporters will be gathering together for an evening of support for the Music Therapy Trust Fund.  Our planned events include an awareness march from Wilfrid Laurier University to the Waterloo Town Square involving instrument playing and carrying signs, musical activities at Town Square aimed at increasing awareness for the work of music therapy, a return march to WLU, a short reception where further information about Music Therapy will be provided, and an “open mic” evening at Wilf’s Restaurant and Pub where musicians will perform in support of Music Therapy.

Your donation would help provide more clinical programming in Ontario for client populations such as children with autism, youth at risk, adults with brain injury, seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, as well as increased awareness in communities so that more people will know that they can benefit from music therapy when faced with life’s challenges.  The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund is a registered charity and can grant tax receipts on donations over $20.  The charity registration number is: 88551 0008 RR0001.

Thank you very much for considering this opportunity to support the work of Music Therapy in Ontario.  If you have any questions about our organization, the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, or the March for Music Therapy, please feel free to contact us at


The Music Therapy Students Association

In Support Of

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In Association With



About Laurier MTSA

We are a student association at Wilfrid Laurier University and most of our members are students in the Music Therapy program. We exist to educate about, promote, and support the work of music therapy, and to support the academic, career, and personal needs of the Music Therapy Students. Our mandate is to unite prospective, current and alumni students while promoting our profession in the larger community.
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