March for Music Therapy

Circle Sunday March 30th on your calendar and march for National Music Therapy Awareness Month!

Join the fun!

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March is National Music Therapy Awareness Month!

Here is a quick story that tells why we’re raising money and awareness for music therapy:

When Laura turned four, her parents witnessed her use her hands independently and unsupported for the first time – to strum the music therapist’s guitar. Now in private music therapy sessions, Laura continues to use her hands consistently. Other professionals insisted that Laura would have to “use her head” to push a switch or “eye gaze” to make choices. Today she uses her hands for both tasks. Her parents credit the highly motivational music therapy sessions.

The March for Music Therapy is in support of the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund and in partnership with the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.

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About Laurier MTSA

We are a student association at Wilfrid Laurier University and most of our members are students in the Music Therapy program. We exist to educate about, promote, and support the work of music therapy, and to support the academic, career, and personal needs of the Music Therapy Students. Our mandate is to unite prospective, current and alumni students while promoting our profession in the larger community.
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