Letter from the President: Danielle Robert


Exec Photo - Danielle Robert

Dear MTSA:

It has been a real pleasure serving you as the president for two years in a row. I have had the incredible experience of leading such a dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate team of individuals such as yourselves. I think as a team, we should all be incredibly proud of ourselves and how far we have come. We are not just a team anymore; we’ve become a community. That’s how I feel and that’s how I’ve always wanted you all to feel and I hope that’s how you will always feel in the future years of being apart of MTSA. It has become a community in which students can gather, get to know each other and create meaningful friendships and networks that will last a lifetime.

I think that MTSA is awesome because it presents so many opportunities for personal and professional growth; we have become a team of ‘doers’. We really do strive to be open-minded to new suggestions, ideas, and collaborations. After all, we are the worlds’ future music therapists; being sure to remain flexible and accommodating is what we do! Though some of you MTSA teammates might be younger and some might be older,

What we share is a unified vision as young professionals who strive to raise awareness, promotion and funds toward our futures in music therapy.

This vision also applies to our current needs as undergraduate music therapy students trying to find our way, our model, and our truth in music therapy.

I want to give a sincere thank you to you all for coming to those meetings, events, and lastly believing in MTSA. We are small but mighty! I encourage you all to keep that energy and spirit ignited next year and am looking forward to hearing about the amazing accomplishments you do in the future!

Above all, don’t forget to work together and stay together – big or small, your role in MTSA is not just to be a team-member, but a community member.

So much warmth and love,

Danielle Robert

(MTSA President 2012-2014)




About Laurier MTSA

We are a student association at Wilfrid Laurier University and most of our members are students in the Music Therapy program. We exist to educate about, promote, and support the work of music therapy, and to support the academic, career, and personal needs of the Music Therapy Students. Our mandate is to unite prospective, current and alumni students while promoting our profession in the larger community.
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