Meet the Executive Team!

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President: Danielle Turvey

Exec Photo - Danielle

Danielle is a fourth year music therapy student. Her main instrument is voice, but she also plays piano, ukulele, and guitar. She has been singing since she was 10 years old. She first heard about music therapy when she was talking to her massage therapist, who suggested that is might be something to look into. After doing some research, she knew it was the right choice for her! Danielle is interested in working in palliative care, but is also open to the many other options. Her hobbies include crocheting, biking, and cooking. Danielle’s job as the President is to make sure that all events run smoothly and to oversee MTSA in its decisions and events. She has participated in MTSA for the past 2 years, first as a general member and then as the Secretary.

Vice-President: Dorothy Tan


Dorothy Tan is a fourth year music therapy and voice major. In addition to her main instrument, she enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and French horn. Dorothy has been apart of MTSA as a general member for two years, and will be on the executive team and serving as Vice President for the 2015-2016 year. Through this position, she hopes to work closely alongside the President of MTSA to plan and organize appropriate events, workshops, and meeting objectives. Working together alongside the other members, she hopes to provide opportunities and resources for growth in knowledge within the music therapy program. She is excited to share the world of music therapy with prospective music students and the Laurier community in hopes of promoting awareness and interest in the field.

Dorothy first came across music therapy in high school and made the decision to pursue the path in order to combine her passions of music, psychology, and helping others. She strives towards a career working in mental health – with potential clients such as those dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and abuse. In addition to music, Dorothy enjoys reading and being actively involved in her Christian community.

Secretary: Shannon Bryant

Finance Executive: Gabriella Budidharma


Gabriella is the 2015/2016 Finance Executive for MTSA. Her job is to submit expense requisition form, complete annual club budget in cooperation with the President ,acquire floats for fundraising events and monitor club revenue and spending. Gabriella is a 4th year vocal major, as well she plays other instruments such as piano and guitar. Outside of music, she loves to cook, do fruit decorations as well as playing tennis.

Event Support/Advertising Coordinator: Andres Melendez

Social/Fundraising Coordinator: Taylor Kurta

  CAMT/MTAO Liaison: Emily Stegweit

Emily is a fourth year voice student in the Music Therapy program and is excited to be returning to the MTSA exec team for her second year as CAMT/MTAO Liaison. As Liaison, Emily’s main job is to communicate with our professional associations on behalf of MTSA, and to keep the music therapy student population up to date with CAMT and MTAO events and opportunities throughout the year.

Emily comes from a musical family and has been studying voice for seven years. She first discovered music therapy in her grade ten careers class and has been hooked on the idea ever since! She is especially interested in community music therapy and medical music therapy. In addition to music, Emily also loves books, cheesecake, and babies.

4th Year Representative: Heather Imrie


Heather is currently a fourth year piano major.  Music has always been a part of her life and her mother and brother play piano as well.  Besides piano, Heather also plays violin and guitar, sings in choirs, and has taken percussion lessons.  She enjoyed competitive dancing for 16 years, and here at Laurier she participates in recreational dance classes.

Heather has always enjoyed working with people.  In her grade nine French class, her teacher assigned a careers project where she had to do research and create a presentation on a potential career choice.  Like many other students, Heather had no idea what she wanted to do.  Her teacher told her about music therapy as she knew Heather was interested in people and music. When she graduates, Heather hopes to work with children who have disabilities. Because of an injury, Heather is pursuing teacher’s college in the fall, but hopes to use what she has learned from music therapy in the classroom!

3rd Year Representative: Graylen Howard

Graylen Howard is a 3rd year Music Therapy Student. His principle instrument is the French Horn, and he also plays the Cello. An interesting fact he would like you to know is that he plays 2nd Horn with the Cambridge Symphony Orchesta, and also plays in the WLU Wind Orchestra. Outside of music, Graylen loves sports, in particular basketball, football, golf and tennis. He plays intramural basketball. He is also an avid Toronto sports fans: Jays, Lefs, Raptors, and TFC!

2nd Year Representative: TBD 

 1st Year Representative: Denise Fung


Hi everyone! I am Denise, Denise Fung from Hong Kong. I am the first year representative of MTSA 2015 – 2016. I came to Canada two weeks before school started, so everything is still fresh to me. In case anyone wants to know, I play the harp, the instrument which I am most passionate about. It is great to meet all of you, and I am sure we will do an awesome job in planning all of the activities this year!

A quick fact: I haven’t seen snow before!

 MSRC Music Therapy Representative*: TBD

Former Executives

2014-15 Executives

President: Sophia Christopher

Vice-President: Kristen DiMarco

Finance Executive: Karen Blumenstock

Secretary: Danielle Turvey

Event Support/ Advertising Coordinator: David Pile

Social/Fundraising Coordinator: Yusra Battikh

CAMT/MTAO Liaison-Emily Stegweit

4th Year Representative-Olivia Drew-Brook

3rd Year Representative-Heather Imrie

2nd Year Representative-Shannon Bryant

1st Year Representative-Taylor Kurta

MSRC Music Therapy Representative-Jeff Burton

2013-14 Executives

President: Danielle Robert

Vice-President: Amanda Williams

Finance Executive: Karen Blumenstock

Event Support/Advertising Coordinator: Mikaela Leandertz

Social/Fundraising Coordinator: Avalon Harris

MTAO/CAMT Liaison: Trevina Ritzkalla

Secretary: Candice Mok

4th Year Representative: Daniel Allen

3rd Year Representative: Kristen DiMarco

2nd Year Representative: Gabriella Buddidharma

1st Year Representatives: David Pile & Shannon Bryant

MSRC Music Therapy Representative*: Sarah Kroeker


President: Danielle Robert

Vice-President: Amanda Williams

Finance Executive: Sarah Kroeker

Social Coordinator: Avalon Harris

Fundraising Coordinator: Jennifer Lam

Secretary: Candice Mok


President: Ainslie de Boer

Vice-President: Sarah Kroeker

Finance Executive: Sarah Kroeker