MTSA’s Accomplishments

Here is a short list of some of the things MTSA has accomplished over the past few years.

To Support the Profession of Music Therapy

2013-14: MTSA raised $230 that was donated to the Music Therapy Trust Fund.  We also organized Waterloo’s March for Music Therapy, and were one of 14 communities across the nation to take part in this national event.

2013-14: MTSA raised $250 towards new instruments for Music Therapy Placements in the community as part of the WLU training program.

To Support Music Therapy Students

2013-14: MTSA provided $800 in subsidization for members to attend National Music Therapy Conferences (both the CAMT and the IAMM conferences)

2012-13: MTSA brought in singer-songwriter Karla Adolphe to present a lecture about the art of songwriting for use in therapy.

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