Our Emblem’s Symbolism


 What does the MTSA emblem symbolize?  Read here about the different features within our emblem and their meanings.

Treble Clef:

The treble clef represents the musical component that is central to the work of music therapy, of course, but the choice of the treble clef rather than other musical symbols is significant.  The treble clef is predominantly used to notate the main melodic line of music; this symbolizes the individual voice that our clients discover in music.

Sun & Moon:

The sun and moon represent the constancy of music; it has existed throughout all time and cultures and has been used by humanity to express emotions.

The sun also represents the new beginnings that can occur through music.


The gear represents the systematic and incremental process of achieving therapeutic aims.


The heart represents the emotional component that is essential to music therapy, particularly humanity’s response to musical elements and the interpersonal connection of the therapeutic relationship.


The feathers symbolize flight and the great potential that can be unleashed through the power of music.

Feathers also symbolize freedom, which reflects the empowerment we provide to our clients through the musical experience.

Yellow & Black:

Black is associated with fear and grief; it represents the pathologies and challenges that our clients have faced and continue to face.   Yellow is associated with joy and energy; it produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.  Combining these two colours with the yellow being the more prominent colour symbolizes the overcoming power and strength that clients are able to achieve through music.

Nature Theme:

Most of the elements within our emblem are from the natural world.  The sun, moon, heart, and feathers (which can also be seen as leaves) all represent nature, which symbolizes stability, life and energy.   This speaks to our belief in the enduring and intrinsic presence of music in every individual and the natural energy in it that can be used to stimulate change.


The MTSA Emblem on an Easter Egg using the technique of Pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating

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