General Program Information

“My first year at Laurier has been nothing but learning experiences. When looking back at the first few weeks of school, I’m really impressed with myself and how far I’ve come musically. There’s a lot of work to be put in with this program, but the reward is great and so are the people!”

– David Pile, 1st year student (2013-14)

“As in first year, the second year is the comprehensive music stream experience. Although I enjoy theory and ‘regular music courses’, my favourite part of second year was specifically one class in the fall semester. That class was MU258, and is when the excitement of exploring music therapy begins before the more intense third and fourth year! ‘MU258: Introduction to Music Therapy’ is definitely a favourite course of many! It is an overview of what music therapy is, the different client populations, and various treatment models. My most memorable part of the class was the various guest speakers who shared their experiences working with different client populations. Improvisation is a method that is discussed and explored in a hands on way throughout the course. I feel that I was able to enhance my skills and gain confidence by exploring improvisation throughout the semester. It is rewarding to be in a class with like minded individuals who discuss and learn together. The application process was very nerve wracking for me as I keenly applied and anxiously awaited the results. I remember that I continuously asked many upper years about when and how their letter arrived. I was so nervous, but in the end it was all good news!”

– Heather Imrie, 2nd year student (2013-14)

“The music therapy program at Laurier has been a great inspiration for me. The program is really a place for students to learn and grow, and through hands on experience that happens exponentially. I feel lucky to work with such experienced professors and with wonderful peers. Their support and encouragement has helped me feel confident about the work I do in my placement.”

– Kristin DiMarco, 3rd year student (2013-14)

“There are many ways that my studies at Laurier helped to prepare me for my internship. The numerous placements I was a part of at Laurier helped to make the transition to interning much easier.  During these placements, I was able to test out and generate clinical tools and methods, and I still use many of these tools at my internship.  I also enjoyed receiving placements with a variety of client populations, and it helped give me the confidence to apply for numerous different types of internships.  I feel that Laurier’s emphasis on clinical improvisation was also a beneficial tool for my development.  Improvisation is very important in music therapy, and the clinical improvisation courses in third and fourth year really helped to shape how I approach improvisation.”

– Daniel Allen, WLU Graduate, 2014

For your convenience, here is a link to the program requirements for Laurier’s Music faculty.  Music Therapy is on page 10.  Program Requirements

Disclaimer: These descriptions are based on our personal experiences with the program and understanding of the requirements; we have no authority on the actual required courses for graduation

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