Music Therapy Alumni

 Undergraduate (BMusTh)


Daniel Allen*

Adrianna Crusoe

Rachel Gingrich

Avalon Harris*

Jennine Kawula

Sarah Kroeker*

Mikaela Leandertz*

Candice Mok*

Trevina Ritzkalla*

Danielle Robert**

Chantelle Whiteside

Amanda Williams*


Jennifer Lam*

Merissa Michell

Alessandra Santaguida

Alexandra Schmidt

Garrett Stratford


Ainslie de Boer**

Chiao-Yun Cheng

Steffi Ching

Henry Kang

Elena Lepik

Leanne Metsa

Satu Ylanko

Suvi Ylanko

Previous Years

Noreen Donnell

Aaron Lightstone

Adrienne Pringle

Ruth Roberts

Deborah Seabrook

Jennifer Nicol


* Indicates former MTSA Executive

** Indicates former MTSA President

Graduate (MMT)


Aimee Berends

Sarah Rose Black

Bonnie Brittain

Vivian Wai Yin Chan

Samantha Harber

Sara Elizabeth Klinck

Megan McIsaac

Sarah Anne Pearson


Emily Carruthers

Mallory Warkentin

Previous Years

Anita Ayling

Noreen Donnell

Linda Gambell

Aaron Lightstone

Kimberly Manning

Joanna Parsons

Adrienne Pringle

Ruth Roberts

Deborah Seabrook

Carolyn Williams


 Are you a graduate of one of Laurier’s Music Therapy programs?  If you don’t see your name here and would like to be listed, or are listed but would prefer your name be connected with a different link, please contact us at

Comments or Questions? Please let us know!

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