List of Supervisors

  • Linda Gambell
  • Sherry Minassian
  • Liz Mitchell
  • Sarah Pearson

Supervisor Bios - Linda Gambell

 Linda Gambell

Music Therapy Training

I graduated in 2008 from the Master of Music Therapy program at WLU. Post-graduation, I completed my internship on a part time basis and received MTA status in 2012. I have been supervising graduate and undergraduate students since 2010 and completed the level one supervisor’s course developed by Amy Clements-Cortes based on the CAMT competencies. I continue to learn and build music therapy skills by attending conferences and workshops. Most recently I attended the Neuroscience Speech and Language Training for Music Therapists at U of T.

Model of Practice & Clinical Interests

Creative Music Therapy as developed by Nordoff and Robbins is at the forefront for my model of practice. I also find Amelia Oldfield’s approach (Interactive Music Therapy) to be very helpful and practical.

As a voice instructor I gravitate towards methods involving voice production: singing familiar songs, vocal improvisation, speech reinforcement, vocal expression. I adopt a playful approach when appropriate.

The most interesting clinical work I’ve done in the past year was at Grand River Institute for Women. I facilitated small group sessions with female inmates focusing on instrumental and vocal improvisation and song writing.

Main Client Populations

I work with children and adults and have experience with the following clinical populations:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Developmental Delays
  • Medically Fragile
  • Dementia
  • Deaf-blind

Fun Fact

Many years ago I acted in a film scene with Ed O’Neill, long before he took on his current role of “Jay Pritchett” in Modern Family (one of my favourite sit-coms!).

Supervisor Bios - Sherry

Sherry Minassian

Music Therapy Training

I graduated from the Masters of Music Therapy program at Laurier in 2009 and became an MTA in 2014.  I have been supervising Laurier undergraduates since 2012.  My internship was completed at St. Joseph Hospital in Guelph, Ontario (Elderly diagnosed with Dementia) and Extendicare in Hamilton, Ontario (long term care).

I have my own practice working as a music therapist with diverse population (adults and children mental health, brain injury, and long term care).

Model of Practice & Clinical Interests

My model of practice is Music-Centered Psychotherapy, which is based on two theories: Aesthetic Music Therapy (Lee, 2003) (AeMT) and Group Analytic Music Therapy (Ahonen, 2007) (GAMT).  A humanistic, client-centered approach in meeting each client’s needs with an awareness of balancing musical and psychological thinking in music therapy sessions and having the music as the core of therapy.

As a vocalist and music therapy, Diane Austin’s Vocal Psychotherapy has largely influenced me as well.  I am passionate about the intersection between music therapy and the music within each person (the inner voice, self) and specifically how it influences students’ experience in facilitating sessions.

Main Client Populations

  • Adult and child mental health
  • Elderly, long-term care
  • Developmentally challenged children and adults

Fun Fact

I have a keen eye for show animals and have groomed and showed cows and won in international shows!!!

Supervisor Bios - Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell

Music Therapy Training

I graduated from the MMT program at Laurier in 2007, and became an MTA in 2009.  My internship was completed at St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre in Brantford, Ontario (long-term and palliative care), and at Lutherwood Mental Health Services in Waterloo, Ontario (adolescent mental health). I worked as the music therapist at Lutherwood from 2007-2012.

Model of Practice & Clinical Interests

My practice is music-centered and client-centered, largely influenced by Community Music Therapy, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, and humanistic and narrative approaches to counselling and therapy. Recently, I’ve been working to more intentionally integrate an understanding of social justice concerns into my work, balancing my focus on the individual with an awareness of oppressive societal structures. I’m also passionate about the intersection between music therapy and music education, specifically, in students’ experiences within music education that are “therapeutic” in nature. I’m active as a music educator as well; I conduct a children’s choir through the “El Sistema Aeolian” program in London, Ontario, and enjoy teaching piano and voice.

Main Client Populations

  • Child & adolescent mental health
  • Special education
  • Older adults & long-term care

Fun Fact

I’ve recently been learning to roller skate in my spare time, with hopes of one day becoming a fully-fledged derby girl. If anyone can think of a music therapy related derby name, I’m all ears. 🙂

Supervisor Bios - Sarah Pearson

Sarah Pearson

Music Therapy Training

Sarah Pearson completed her MMT at Laurier in 2013, where she completed placements and internships in stroke recovery, adolescent mental health, oncology, and long term care.

Model of Practice & Clinical Interests

During her master’s, Sarah became very interested in community music therapy and feminist music therapy models, and applies these theories directly to her practice in oncology. She sees her role, and the role of music therapy, in the health care setting as a dual one: part-clinician, part arts-in-health representative, and is very excited about music therapy’s ability to address the growing interest in health care to incorporate humanistic practices.

Sarah also works for the Room 217 Foundation, an organization that promotes the broad use of both clinical and non-clinical music as an essential component to caregiving. With Room 217, Sarah has designed and taught a training program for professional and volunteer caregivers in the general principles of music in care.

Main Client Populations

Sarah works at Grand River Hospital as the music therapist in the oncology program, specializing in mainly inpatient and palliative populations.

Fun Fact

Sarah is also a professional choral artist and singer-songwriter, and in her spare time, loves to bike, hike and run, host potlucks, and jam!

***These biographies have been generously provided by the faculty and supervisors at Laurier and/or are copied from the Laurier website (  All credit goes to the original authors.***

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