Music Therapy Books


Coming Soon: A “Suggested Reading” list for those interested in learning more about Music Therapy, interested in entering the profession of Music Therapy, and interested in learning more about specific fields of Music Therapy!

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse this extensive list of music therapy literature.

Music Books

Ritholz, M. & Robbins, C.

Themes for Therapy

More Themes for Therapy

Books About Music Therapy

Ahonen-Eerikainen, Heidi

Group Analytic Music Therapy

Aigen, Kenneth

Being in Music: Foundations of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

Here we are in music One Year with an Adolescent in Creative Music Therapy Group

Music-Centred Music Therapy

Paths of Development in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

Playin’ in the Band: A Qualitative Study of Popular Music Styles as Clinical Improvisation

The Study of Music Therapy: Issues and Concepts

Allen, Joy

Guidelines for Music Therapy Practice in Adult Medical Care

Birkenshaw, Lois

Music for Fun, Music for Learning

Birnbaum, Jacqueline

Healing Childhood Trauma through Music and Play: Nordoff-Robbins Monograph Series, Volume 6

Bonny, H. and Savary, L.

Music and Your Mind: Listening with a New Consciousness

Bonny, Helen

Music and Consciousness: The Evolution of Guided Imagery and Music

Borczon, Ronald

Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer

Music Therapy: Group Vignettes

Bradt, Joke

Guidelines for Music Therapy Practice in Pediatric Care

Bruscia, K. & Grocke, D.

Guided Imagery and Music: The Bonny Method and Beyond

Bruscia, Kenneth E.

Case Examples of Guided Imagery and Music

Case Examples of Improvisational Music Therapy

Case Examples of Music Therapy At the End of Life

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Autism and Rett Syndrome

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Emotional or Behavioural Problems

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Developmental Problems in Learning and Communication

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Event Trauma

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Medical Conditions

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Mood Disorders

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Multiple Disabilities

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Musicians

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Personality Disorders

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Self-Development

Case Examples of Music Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

 Case Examples of Music Therapy for Survivors of Abuse

Case Examples of Music Therapy in Bereavement

Case Examples of the Use of Songs in Psychotherapy

Case Studies in Music Therapy

Defining Music Therapy

Music for the Imagination

Readings on Music Therapy Theory

Self-Experiences in Music Therapy Education, Training, and Supervision

The Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy

Eyre, Lillian

Guidelines for Music Therapy Practice in Mental Health Care

Farinash, Michele

Music Therapy Supervision

Galerstein, N, Martin, K. & Powe, D.

Age-Appropriate Activities for Adults with Profound Mental Retardation

Gardstrom, Susan

Music Therapy Improvisation for Groups: Essential Leadership Competencies

Garred, Rudy

Music as Therapy: A Dialogical Perspective

Hadley, Susan

Experiencing Race as a Music Therapist: Personal Narratives

Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy

Psychodynamic Music Therapy: Case Studies

Hibben, Julie

Inside Music Therapy: Client Perspectives

Hintz, Michelle

Guidelines for Music Therapy Practice in Developmental Health

Katsh, S. & Fishman, C.

The Music Within You

Kenny, Carolyn

Music and Life in the Field of Play: An Anthology

Kirkland, Kevin

International Dictionary of Music Therapy

Langenberg, M., Aigen, K., & Frommer, J.

Qualitative Music Therapy Research: Beginning Dialogues

Lee, Colin A.

Music at the Edge: The Music Therapy Experiences of a Musician with AIDS (1996)

The Architecture of Aesthetic Music Therapy (2005)

Lee, Colin A. & Houde, Marc

Improvising in Styles: A Workbook for Music Therapists, Educators, and Musicians (2010)

Levin, Herbert & Levin, Gail

Learning Through Music

Learning Through Songs

Massicot, Josh

Functional Piano for Music Therapists and Music Educators: An Exploration of Styles

McGuire, Michael

Psychiatric Music Therapy in the Community: The Legacy of Florence Tyson

Meadows, Anthony

Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives

Meyer, Peter; DeVillers, Jessica & Ebnet, Erin

Guitar Skills for Music Therapists and Music Educators

Moreno, Joseph

Acting Your Inner Music

Muller, Bryan

Variations in Guided Imagery and Music: Taking a Closer Look

Nocker-Tibaupierre, Monika

Music Therapy for Premature and Newborn Infants

Nordoff, P. & Robbins, C.

Creative Music Therapy: A Guide to Fostering Clinical Musicianship

Music Therapy in Special Education

Music Therapy for Handicapped Children

Therapy in Music for Handicapped Children

Oden, Jonathon

The Use of Guitar in Music Therapy

Pellitteri, John

Emotional Processes in Music Therapy

Priestley, Mary

Essays on Analytical Music Therapy

Music Therapy in Action

Reitman, Alan D.

Songs in Group Psychotherapy for Chemical Dependence

Rickard-Lauri, P., Groeschel, H., Robbins, C., et al.

Snow White: A Guide to Child-centred Musical Theatre

Rider, Mark

The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease

Robbins, Clive

Music for the Hearing Impaired and Other Special Groups

What a Wonderful Song Her Life Sang: An Anthology of Appreciation for Carol Robbins

A Journey into Creative Music Therapy

Robbins, Clive & Robbins, Carol

Healing Heritage: Paul Nordoff Exploring the Tonal Language of Music

Rolvsjord, Randi

Resource-Oriented Music Therapy in Mental Health Care

Ruud, Even

Music Therapy: A Perspective from the Humanities

Music Therapy: Improvisation, Communication, and Culture

Schwartz, Elizabeth

Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood

Sears, Margaret

Music-The Therapeutic Edge: Readings from William W. Sears

Sekeles, Chava

Music Therapy: Death and Grief

Music, Motion, and Emotion: The Developmental-Integrative Model in Music Therapy

Smeijsters, Henk

Multiple Perspectives: A Guide to Qualitative Research in Music Therapy

Sounding the Self: Analogy in Improvisational Music Therapy

Stige, Brynjulf

Culture-Centered Music Therapy

Elaborations Toward a Notion of Community Music Therapy

Uhlig, Sylka

Authentic Voices, Authentic Singing: A Multicultural Approach to Vocal Music Therapy

Unkefer, Robert & Thaut, Michael

Music Therapy in the Treatment of Adults with Mental Disorders: Theoretical Bases and Clinical Interventions

Verney, R. & Ansdell, G.

Conversations on Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

Wheeler, B; Shultic, C. & Polen, D.

Clinical Training Guide for the Student Music Therapist

Wheeler, Barbara L.

Music Therapy Research (2005)

Wigram, Tony




This list is constantly being developed.  Please be patient with us as we add resources.  If there is a book you think should definitely be added to this list, please feel free to contact us about it either in the comments section or by email at

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