Music Therapy Publications


Below is a list of some publications for Music Therapy, given in alphabetical order.

Australian Journal of Music Therapy

(The Australian Journal of Music Therapy is a peer reviewed annual publication.  It is available to Laurier students and alumni through the WLU Library.) 

Approaches: Music Therapy and Special Music Education

(The vision of APPROACHES is the systematic development and advance of scientific dialogue, as well as the information of the broader audience through the publication of articles and research relevant to music therapy and/or to music education of people with special needs. 

Through the journal’s website and its mailing list everyone can be informed about upcoming events (i.e. conferences and seminars) and search other relevant online journals and websites.

APPROACHES is a biannual publication (spring and autumn) and it is accessible free of charge.)

Canadian Journal of Music Therapy

(Peer-reviewed and aims to raise international standards of music therapy knowledge.  Mostly publishes the work of Canadian Music Therapist, but also publishes that of non-Canadian Music Therapists and members of allied disciplines.  Access to the CJMT is available to CAMT members, and to Laurier students and alumni through the WLU Library.) 


(A semi-annual magazine published by the CAMT.  It aims to provide an opportunity for the exchange and discussion of relevant information for music therapy practice in Canada and to disseminate beneficial resources to practicing music therapists.  Each magazine focusses on a particular topic or topics, such as Music therapy durig pregnancy and neonatal care or Neurological Music Therapy.  Ensemble is distributed to CAMT members.)

Journal of Music Therapy (The)

(The Journal of Music Therapy [JMT] seeks to advance research, theory, and practice in music therapy through the dissemination of scholarly work. The journal publishes all types of research, including quantitative, qualitative, historical, philosophical, theoretical, and musical, and may include discipline, profession, and foundational research topics. The journal strives to present a variety of research approaches and topics, to promote critical inquiry, and to serve as a resource and forum for researchers, educators, and clinicians in music therapy and related professions.  The JMT is available to Laurier students and alumni through the WLU library.)

MusT newsletter

(Music Therapy New Zealand’s newsletter, MusT, is currently published on the website three times a year – during March/April, July/August and November/December.  It focuses on music therapy happenings in New Zealand and beyond.  Articles are sourced from the MThNZ membership and wider music therapy community, supporting music therapy in New Zealand.  MusT is available free of charge at the MThNZ [Music Therapy New Zealand] website.)

Music Therapy Perspectives

(Music Therapy Perspectives is designed to appeal to a wide readership, both inside and outside the profession of music therapy. Articles focus on music therapy practice, as well as academics and administration. It publishes all forms of reports that have implications for music therapy practice including clinically-focused research reports, innovative developments, case studies, educational research, and theoretical articles. With a focus on clinical benefits of music therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives strives to serve as a resource and forum for music therapists, music therapy students and educators, and those in related professions.  It is available to Laurier students and alumni through the WLU library.) 

New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy (The)

(The purpose of The New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy (NZJMT) is to extend the knowledge of music therapists and develop their understanding of their own profession and of the context in which they work. It should also help to promote the understanding of the use of music and the place of music therapy in the wider health professional community.  Articles may arise from research, clinical and professional perspectives, case studies, interviews of interest, or from experience in music therapy or in related professions. Reviews of books, software and DVDs may also be published.  Laurier students and alumni have access to the NZJMT through the WLU Library.)

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

(Nordic Journal of Music Therapy is published by GAMUT – Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre in collaboration with Routledge [Taylor & Francis].  Laurier students and alumni have access to the NJMT through the WLU Library.)

Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy

(This periodical is available online through Barcelona Publishers and publishes research studies on music therapy that are in the qualitative paradigm.  It is available at no cost through the Barcelona Publishers website.)


(An Open Access peer reviewed journal that invites dialogue and discussion about music, health, and social change. The journal values inclusiveness and socio-cultural awareness and has increasingly nurtured a critical edge that refines the focus on cultural issues and social justice. Since its inception in 2001, the editors have been committed to developing an egalitarian and interdisciplinary forum so that multiple voices can be heard.)

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